Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester and The End

By the third trimester I was spent. I could barely walk due to excruciating pelvic pain.  it would take me 20 minutes to walk the same distance it took me 5 minutes to do pre-pregnancy.  The vomiting decreased in frequency but I still had issues up until a week before C was born.  My poor husband had to put on my socks and shoes each morning.

The worst part was preparing for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  I would stress about changing diapers for no good reason. But I had not done it before and it seemed like something I would be doing often.

Anyhow I busied myself with prepping for baby.  Making a birth plan and setting up the nursery. Anything to keep my mind off of the reality the labor.  I was certain she would come early…

Fast forward a few days after my due date and this child still had not made her appearance.  I had already went on maternity leave and was so anxious I probably should have been sedated.  I had been having regular contractions getting closer together and spotting but it all suddenly stopped and almost a week later still no baby.

After what seemed like a daily visit to the doctor it was decided that I would be induced.  The baby wasn’t tracing well and my super experienced doctor thought it was safer to get her out.  So I went and got my already packed bag and headed to the hospital.  I remember sitting in the delivery waiting for the induction,  turning to B and saying I change my mind.  I had zero interest in birthing a baby.

But 24 hours later we welcomed Kikka.  After a failed induction and many hours of labor with oxygen, I had an emergency C-section.  Turns out Kikka had the umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck, was slowly being strangled and was in distress.

I can’t say this enough folks- Get a doctor you trust!  I trusted my doctor with my life and my baby’s life.  She saved my babies life with just her instincts. I have a wonderful thriving baby girl because of her.

Getting Enough Sleep While Pregnant 

First do not discount non-sleeping rest.  It is often difficult to sleep throughout pregnancy but you can manage your day by allowing for rest periods and down time.

Find a new sleep location.

Many pregnant women find that they sleep better in a chair or sofa.  Especially in the later months.  Maybe you can’t sleep the whole night in the chair but let’s face it- you will be up a million times to pee in the night anyway.  Try switching to a new sleep location after a pee break if you can.  It will hopefully allow you to rest different parts of your body and wake up reasonably rested.
Some women need their whole bed and have their partners sleep elsewhere.  You do what you need to and don’t feel bad because you deserve rest.  After all you are resting for two.

Pillows, pillows and more pillows.

Get as many as you can and tuck them all around you.  A body pillow is nice too.  I used one I had prior to pregnancy quite heavily.  Roberto barely had space in the bed towards the end between the giant belly and six pillows.   I think I only left him with one, probably flat, pillow for his head.

Strategic eating and drinking.

Food was not my friend during pregnancy or drink for that matter.  I had hyperemesis before the end of my trimester that lasted until birth. I couldn’t even keep down water. On top of that I got heartburn from the few foods I ate.  Heartburn coupled with the near constant urge to pee can prevent you from ever getting settled at night.  Also factor in how long it takes to find a comfy position with the aforementioned belly and six pillows.
So yes think wisely about those last couple meals of the night and if you want to chug that gallon of water.  Try to spread out your water intake throughout the day.  It is healthier for the baby and the bladder squished under your baby’s butt with thank you.

Sleepytime tea. Chamomile.

Pregnancy anxiety keeping you up at night?  Wish you could throwback some Zquil?  Then try some celestial seasonings sleepytime tea!  In all seriousness though – try the sleepytime tea or some chamomile.  You don’t need a giant cup either.  Brew 3 oz very strong and toss it back.  Sleepytime tea has gotten me through many a night. Sometimes I wake up and can’t fall back asleep and I make myself a small, strong cup.

Extended sleep time. Go to bed earlier and wake up later.

This one takes some real schedule and life changes.  Personally I have flex time at my office where I can arrive anywhere between 8-10am.  I basically never arrived before 9:45am the entire pregnancy. Going to sleep was another story.  I have a long commute of over an hour -each way- so by the time I’d get home I was exhausted. So I would rest before doing anything else. So it would be 8pm and I’m trying to have dinner, shower and whatever else. I rarely made it to bed before 11pm.


Yeah. I know.  If you work a typical 9-5 where are you doing these naps.  But for those who can -definitely do!  For you 9-5ers start blocking time to rest.  Long before I got pregnant I would block off times on my calendar and mark it as no appointments so people wouldn’t schedule with me during those times.  It is one of my time management tricks to make sure I am not distracted from making my deadlines.
Anyhow, block off time each day to rest and to manage your work pace.  For example, you can block off time before or after meetings if you need extra time to get to and from places or time to catch your breath. Make your schedule work for you.

Say no.

It is important not to put too much on your plate.  You do not know what effect pregnancy will have on you physically, mentally or otherwise.  Even if you have a super smooth pregnancy there will be lots of doctors appointments and baby prep situations that will make your day hectic both during and after the workday. And pregnancy is exhausting in itself.  So think twice before you decide to head up new projects.  Of course sometimes these things cannot be avoided but definitely ask for team support where you need it.  It is the law for your job to provide reasonable accommodations.