The stuff of life…

What’s the point of your existence? What will you leave behind when you die?

You don’t have to have the answer. It’s ok to not know sometimes.

It can be something simple–my life’s goal and purpose is to be kind. Kind to myself, others, animals, plants, earth.

I aspire to be kind everyday. I also want kindness to be a key component of my life’s work. I work in the social impact field and wherever life takes me that will remain a constant.

Spend some time thinking about your legacy and take steps to work towards creating your legacy everyday.

Remember Joy and Laughter?

These days it is so easy to be angry. You do not have to look far to find situations and people that are unjust. But we have to be careful not to let the anger take over our lives and replace instances to create and celebrate joy.

I ask everyone to look inward and find their joy. To see the injustice around you and seek to repair damage but not to forget that there are things that you like and people that you care for. It is a hard time for many people but when someone is going through something difficult it helps not to be reminded of it continuously.

Help someone get a mental health break today. Help someone laugh. Help someone to find joy and give them hope.