The Journey Begins

On January 27th 2016 we found out, at urgent care, that I was pregnant. Rewind to about 3 days earlier. All of a sudden I began to feel a terrible, sharp cramping pain in my lower abdomen. I have a three day rule with any new pain.  I figure since I have chronic pain it would be a waste of time and money to run to the doctor every time I felt a new pain.  Anyhow the pain was so excruciating that I would have to pause when it came on.  It would last a couple minutes initially but began to increase in length and frequency. So on the third day I called in sick from work and B took me to urgent care.
I was convinced something was wrong with my intestines so that’s what I told them.  Small side note- since I had gone off my meds I had been having severe intestinal and rectal pain.  My doctors concluded that it was FM related and I was feeling it more often because of the weaning.  So yes… I tell them it’s getting worse and they proceed to do their standard procedure taking urine and checking vitals.  After a few minutes the doctor returns and announces that I’m pregnant and to follow up with my ob/gyn immediately. Turns out I was having pain because of implantation and I was to expect it to last 2-3 weeks according to my ob/gyn. 

We were quite surprised at the pregnancy as I had not yet missed a period.  But it was a pleasant surprise and we basically skipped out of the doctors down the sidewalk.  Blissfully unaware of what the pregnancy held in store for us.

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